[WIP] Devgru M79

Work In Progress / 12 June 2023

First, I want to share where I have been as of late, as I have not shared any personal projects for quite some time. I had the amazing opportunity to work with the team at Deck Nine Games in bringing The Expanse: A Telltale Series to life. I am grateful for the amazing people I have met and the experience I have gained. However, the project that I was to move onto next was canceled resulting in quite a few talented people being laid off. So now I find myself back in the job market searching for my next big opportunity.

To help keep myself sane while I navigate this transitional phase, I have returned to a project that I have been wanting to rework for quite some time. I had previously created a model of a modified M79 grenade launcher as a class project seven years ago and now have the time to give it new life. I can not believe that it has been so long. Looking back I see how much I have grown as an artist and I continue to see opportunities for growth. It continues to be an amazing journey, with both ups and downs, and I look forward to my next destination as a 3D artist.

I am currently finishing up baked maps and looking forward to texturing.